Strategic Direction and Development

Karibu’s expertise ignites innovation to equity seeking groups in the form of representation, accessible facilitation methods, and unwavering anti-racist, anti-oppression practice within Toronto’s non-profit sector. Their professional, educational, and personal experience with the trans and gender-expansive community informs their unrestricted understanding of access, systemic barriers, and passion for educational supports for 2SLGBTQI+ Communities. Karibu’s work is grounded in their tenacity for self-reflexive accountability and capacity building initiatives in order to re-imagine and establish sustainable societal impact.



Community Engagement 

Orion Mayas is a multidisciplinary artist and entrepreneur. Orion is a filmmaker, financial advisor, and podcaster. His recent works include T-Day and 'Queer, Black, and Awkward'. He has founded a production company called Orion Rise Productions as well as a financial collective: The Pink Dollar Collective. He focuses on educating the queer and trans community about financial literacy, by providing platforms for QTBIPOC folks to learn, unlearn, and tell their own stories. Orion's expertise focuses on building partnerships, connecting with community members, and bridging connections virtually
and in-person.



Education & Mentorship

Tyler J Sloane is a multidisciplinary performance artist. Their art emphasizes marginalized voices that intersect mixed-race and queer identity. Exploring these themes through various projects: Photography (Series: Self In Response to Influence of Violence & Community, Light Our Bodies, and Fruit Basket ), Visual Art (Installations: Self in Response, Breath On One Land, and But When), Community Arts (Program: It’s All Queer Pride (2018-2021)), Burlesque (as Tygr Willy (BoylesqueTO, HausBoat, Passion Fruit)), and Theatre (Plays: Hummingbird, Mx.). Currently, they're the Performance Arts Artist Associate with SKETCH Working Arts, the In-Conversation Series co-host at Buddies In Bad Times Theatre Company.



Peer Facilitator 

Robin is the Peer Facilitator for Elevate Equity, they are also a Black neurodivergent performance artist, a genderqueer grad school drop-out, and a dog-loving home cook.

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